Quality is cultivated and maintained by a group of 125 chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, medical technologists, microbiologists and pharmacists. These highly competent personnel who work with the most cutting-edge equipment make for the largest and most advanced pharmaceutical testing laboratories in the Philippines. The laboratory is equipped with two dozen chromatographs, three spectrophotometers, four GC's and two FTIR's.

It has been Pharma Industries' basic corporate philosophy that quality should not be the concern of only one department called Quality Assurance, but rather, that it should be the responsibility of everybody in the Company. The fact that we have maintained our tradition of remaining faithful to cGMP is living proof of this philosophy. We are proud to have passed about thirty audits each year, plus the audit by the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Elements of Pharma Industries' quality system include:

  1. Technical Services Department - the validation of client-approved manufacturing and packaging processes;

  2. Materials Control Section - involves sampling, testing and approval of incoming raw and packaging component following clients' specifications;

  3. Product Control Section- performs and files test results of in-process and finished products (Chemical In-Process and Microbiology Section);

  4. Audit Program (Self-Inspection) - this is to ensure strict adherence to all manufacturing procedures and prescribed controls performed on a yearly basis.